Full-text tool for developers for search in Big Data.


C++, C# component for full-text search in texts. Designed for Visual Studio.

Web Server

IIS dll extension for deployment on a web server to enable full-text search.

Big Data

Quick parametric searching in large volumes of text data.


What Can myBigSearch?

Components for developers and programmers who want to do their own projects include full-text search in texts.

  • Deployment in Visual Studio project.
  • Component for C++, C#, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic.
  • The entire library is in a DLL.


What can I use?

myBigSearch component is fully compatible with Visual Studio. Dll is programmed in C++ and can be deployed in projects that Visual Studio allows. This makes it possible to use the search in their own applications. Deployment is easy, requires no special installation.
Web projects can use myBigSearch through implementation in C# .NET or ASP.NET. Internet Information Server (IIS) is possible thanks to the extend of full-text search.
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